We are a premier global provider of management consultancy, technology implementation, and application management to the financial services industry.

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    We are proud of our reputation as a leading information technology management firm and are committed to building a company that nurtures long-term relationships based in quality collaborative work, transparency, and accountability.
    We want to grow our team of creative, passionate people, develop our client base, and expand our innovative portfolio of solutions.



    Our shared values form a fundamental part of our culture, enabling us to understand one another. Our culture enhances who we are and what we aspire to be. Our culture is derived by a common vision and desire of being the best while staying true to our beliefs.


    core values

    Our core values are ingrained. They impact us as working individuals and define our role within our extended community.


    High performance is expected.  It is the norm.  We cultivate a culture of professionalism and high expectations.

    autonomy & accountability

    Autonomy and accountability are presumed.  We value teamwork and expect each contributing individual to play their part to further enhance our culture and vision.  We also respect individuality and recognize the endless creativity it offers.


    Generous compensation is the norm.  We understand that to be the best, we have to hire and maintain the best. We recognize that our largest asset is our intellectual knowledge which demands a premium.


    It is critical to maintain a high standard of delivery in a rapidly changing world. The only path to accomplish such standards is by supporting and encouraging both team and self-development initiatives.



    Our competitive edge is in our collaborative spirit, our experience and our network of partners across functions, industries, and geographic borders. We continually improve and add to our portfolio if services and products, in line with our mission.


    We are proud

    We are fiercely committed to excellence and expect everyone to take pride in their work. We are confident in who we are because we have a full grasp of our values and an awareness of our imperfections, enabling us to make sound judgment calls. We are proud that our clients are front runners in their respective fields.

    We are one

    Our strength is in our collaboration: the ability and willingness to adapt and work with people across functions. We strive to build a singular, coherent culture that values unity. We embrace our clients as part of who we are and understand that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. We leverage each other’s strengths, help each other, and communicate openly.

    We are creative

    We are creative.
    We thrive in our demanding and ever-changing environment because we are not only grounded in our knowledge and experience, but also creative with our solutions. We are open to new ideas, allowing us to be accommodating and flexible with our approach. Having the freedom to question and think creatively ensures that we are constantly innovating and improving.

    We are passionate

    It makes a remarkable difference to be around people who are convicted, engaged, and young at heart. We influence those around us with infectious energy to build a vibrant working environment.

    We are committed

    Our objective is to build a company that adds long-term value to our stakeholders. We focus on fostering enduring relationships with our clients by giving honest advice and delivering excellent work. For our employees, we constantly strive to create a healthy work environment and find opportunities for them to be challenged.



    OmniVista Solutions is founded by Nael Farsakh. Opened HQ in New York, NY.


    Established a presence in Des Moines, Iowa. Brian Nadermann joins the firm to run the off-site office.


    Moved the Des Moines, Iowa office to downtown Des Moines for a more hip work environment.


    Moved New York HQ to Bryant Park. Megan Geick joins the firm to run the operations practice.


    Established a branch office in Dubai, UAE.


    Established a core .NET development group to accommodate increased demand by our clients for enterprise level solutions.


    Expanded our core development to cover additional disciplines especially around JAVA, C and Python.


    Moved the Dubai office to Barsha heights for better sea views and a more balanced work and personal lifestyle.

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