We are a premier global provider of management consultancy, technology implementation, and application management to the financial services industry.

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    We are Charles River Development implementation experts. We provide on-site, off-site, and blended services around all aspects of CRD. These services include general configuration and customization to pure development. In addition to our core services, clients can keep working with OmniVista by using our knowledge and resources for off-site support for their CRD implementation.




    Manager Workbench

    • Setup and configuration
    • Custom calculations
    • Custom basis


    • Pre/Post/Batch compliance Setup
    • Compliance workflow and privileging

    Order Blotter

    • Blotter configuration
    • Performance tweaking and privileging

    Batch jobs monitoring

    • Batch jobs documentation, analysis, and optimization
    • Batch jobs monitoring and support

    Feeds management

    •  External vendor feed development and support
    • Feed validation and monitoring


    • Internal and external data reconciliation and validation
    • Reconciled data tracking and archiving



    Our CRD implementation team has deep technical expertise around the CRD API. We have worked with compliance and allocation plugins and have also created our own services connecting to the CRD API and Broadcaster to interact with the system in real-time.

    In addition to our business knowledge, we are extremely technical and able to provide robust technical solutions to your CRD implementation .



    One of our value propositions is that we are able to go beyond a CRD implementation to assist clients with their CRD needs. Our team of business SMEs, architects, analyst, developers, and testers is the ideal extension of the client’s CRD unit.


    OmniVista also brings significant industry and functional expertise to the QA process as part of our CRD expertise. Given our extensive product knowledge and project management experience, we are able to execute best practices as part of QA testing.

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