Case Study for Improving Quality Control

1. Executive Summary:


Comprehensive manual testing of an order management system can be tedious and time consuming. This is especially true when there are custom workflows. If not automated, comprehensive testing can require one or more resources to be completely devoted to performing test cases and manually verifying output. Accuracy can be difficult to ensure under these circumstances due to the number of test iterations that need to be correctly executed and tracked.



2. Solution:

Utilizing the client’s purchased automated testing tool, TestComplete, OmniVista designed and implemented a completely automated testing solution to perform all required order management tests. Using the order management system’s user interface, the test automation solution performs button clicks and data entry. The automated testing uses smart delays to ensure custom and standard flows are tested accurately. After each step, data is validated in the database to verify that actual results match expected results.


3. Benefits:

Automating testing freed the client’s resources to work on other projects and significantly increased the confidence in and speed of deployments. Comprehensive regression testing, which previously took multiple days and tens of thousands of dollars, is now completed in less than an hour and at a fraction of the cost. The accuracy, reporting, and transparency of testing operations also increased significantly. Each test was automatically tracked with a success or failure status. At the end of a test run, a chart was generated showing the aggregated results.


4. Leveraged Expertise

  • Intimate knowledge of client’s business workflows
  • Comprehensive, best in class quality assurance practices
  • Extensive familiarity with TestComplete and scripting languages
  • Years of experience with Order Management Systems
  • In depth understanding of how Order Management Systems uses and interacts with data on the backend