We are a premier global provider of management consultancy, technology implementation, and application management to the financial services industry.

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Our team is made up of bright individuals who are passionate learners with strong collaborative skills. For our more senior roles, employees must have strong investment business knowledge or more than ten years of in-depth industry-specific technical skills. Our people must establish a proven record of excellence and clear values that resonate with our core values.




Other aspects of our culture include high performance, autonomy with accountability, generous compensation, and supported self-development. These aspects, along with our core values, affect how we conduct business with our clients and how we operate as a firm.


Autonomy is presumed

We believe that autonomy invites creativity and creates a culture of independence and respect. Though autonomy must come with accountability. Accountability is about acting responsibly and communicating transparently so that others can rely on you.

High compensation is the norm

We believe that people should be paid what they are worth. We only look for outstanding individuals and are prepared to pay them accordingly. Paying top of market enables us to attract and retain top talent, maintaining a culture where exceptional people are constantly driven to perform at their best.

Self-development is supported

We support individual development by taking on challenging work and surrounding ourselves with exceptional people. Our employees constantly seek to learn and stretch their perspective, whether it is through reading industry publications, participating in conferences, or engaging other professionals on a daily basis.

High performance is expected

We look for exceptional people because they deliver better results and enhance the everyday work experience. We measure performance based on an employee’s contribution towards our vision and strategic goals. The management team is responsible for setting appropriate objectives, while individuals are empowered to provide feedback. Everyone is expected to use their unique skills to help achieve the firm’s objectives.



Our Executives are seasoned professionals having worked in the financial industry for over 10 years. Other than their consulting experience, they have all held senior positions at Fortune 100 financial institutions. They bring a wealth of combined expertise, professionalism, creativity, and exciting energy. Our executives also realize that it is our team of professionals and their passion that make OmniVista the leading, unique and dynamic place it is today.


Nael Farsakh

Mr. Farsakh founded OmniVista Solutions in 2010 with a focus on providing exceptional business and IT consultancy to the Asset & Wealth Management, Capital Markets, and Hedge Fund industry. Mr. Farsakh is well regarded within this space having successfully managed strategic and implementation teams at various Fortune 100 Firms and large hedge funds.

Prior to founding OmniVista Solutions, Mr. Farsakh was a partner at EMC Consulting, running their Hedge Fund and Order Management Practice while leading many Asset and Wealth management initiatives. At EMC, Mr. Farsakh built the practice from the ground-up and established a quarterly Hedge Fund forum.

Mr. Farsakh holds an MBA from Drake University and a BS in Accounting and MIS from Iowa State University. He also attended NYU with a focus on Risk Management.

Mr. Iowa

Brian Nadermann

Mr. Nadermann is a senior technology and business executive with an extensive career in the financial services industry, primarily focusing on Investment Accounting, Portfolio Management, and Trading systems.  Mr. Nadermann is tasked with managing and overseeing OmniVista Solutions’ Application Management Offerings, providing our clients with offsite development and support services out of the Midwest.

Prior to joining OmniVista Solutions, Mr. Nadermann served as a senior developer and analyst at Dimensional Fund Advisors and Principal Global Investors.  Mr. Nadermann played a pivotal role in providing technical leadership, management, training, and mentoring to both the IT and business personnel.

Mr. Nadermann holds a BS in Management Information Systems from the University of Iowa.

The Organizer

Megan Geick

Ms. Geick is an experienced professional in the Asset and Funds Management industries with operational knowledge across diverse markets, products, and asset classes. She is skilled at building rapport and working across groups to customize efficient solutions to problems. Ms. Geick is also proficient in overseeing fund services vendors, managing projects, and collaborating across global locations.

Prior to joining OmniVista Solutions, Ms. Geick served as a Global Funds Operations Manager at Principal Global Investors. Ms. Geick was responsible for managing relationships with a high level of autonomy over third-party service providers for all of PGI’s Fund Platforms (seven platforms and over $4.7bn in AUM).

Ms. Geick holds a BA in Accounting from Northwestern College.

The Ops Guy

Justin Farrell

Mr. Farrell is a senior executive who has extensive experience building and leading the Middle Office and Operations functions for investment managers. Mr. Farrell has a deep understanding of all areas of hedge funds including operations, trading, technology, risk management and accounting.

Prior to joining OmniVista Solutions, Mr. Farrell was a Managing Director and Head of Middle Office at MKP Capital Management. Mr. Farrell was responsible for building and leading the firms Middle Office Operations function. His responsibilities included managing a team of seven professionals across multiple locations that was in charge of supporting all assets and products under management. Mr. Farrell was accountable for streamlining the entire trade process leveraging both internal technology and third party applications.

Mr. Farrell holds a BS in Business Economics from the State University of New York at Cortland.


The Genius

Tyler Weltz

Mr. Weltz is a senior technology professional with an extensive career in the investment management industry, primarily focusing on trading systems and trading workflows. Mr. Weltz is tasked with mentoring employees and ensuring they have the resources necessary to be successful.

Prior to joining Omnivista Solutions, Mr. Weltz served as a lead application analyst at Principal Global Investors. Mr. Weltz was able to build great working relationships and ensured that end users were getting value out of the work provided.

Mr. Weltz holds a BS from Iowa State University majoring in Management Information Systems and Finance.


Best known for
Having a love/hate relationship with fast food.
In my free time
I like to spend time with my family. Whether it be going to Great Wolf Lodge/Disney or taking the family to the Zoo or Adventureland.
Can’t live without
My family and Pizza.
Always on the lookout for
A fun new travel destination.
Something you should know about me
Is that I am terrified of snakes.
My fondest OmniVista experience
Is doing Go-Kart racing for our Holiday Party.

Chief Organizer

Riwa Mouawi

Ms. Mouawi holds a BS from the American University of Beirut majoring in Computer Science.


Best known for
Detailed documentation (screenshot everything).
In my free time
I spend time with my husband outdoors as much as possible in Dubai (i.e. winter only) and Skype with my family.
Can’t live without
Traveling to Lebanon as much as possible.
Always on the lookout for
Development projects.
Something you should know about me
I’m addicted to Cheese and Chocolate.
My fondest OmniVista experience
Traveling to NYC for the first time.

the New Guy

Zuoyuan Zhao

Mr. Zhao holds a BS from the University of Iowa majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science.


Best known for
Playing DOTA 2.
In my free time
I watch videos & sleep.
Can’t live without
Always on the lookout for
Something you should know about me
I don’t know what I should know about myself. Perhaps, everything & anything.
My fondest OmniVista experience
My coworkers celebrating my birthday with me.

Mr. Dependable

George Kfoury

Mr. Kfoury holds a BS from the American University of Beirut majoring in Computer Science.


Best known for
My master plans.
In my free time
Gym, read, cook, and discover.
Can’t live without
Always on the lookout for
Travelling to new places and discovering different cultures.
Something you should know about me
I jumped from a plane.
My fondest OmniVista experience
The lookout for a pure desert in Dubai.

The Other Rookie

Wiaam Al Baladi

Ms. Al Baladi holds a BS from Damascus University majoring in Computer Science.


Best known for
In my free time
Meet my friends (virtually most of the time), GYM, make sweets.
Can’t live without
Always on the lookout for
Ways to join a basketball team.
Something you should know about me
I am in love with the classic Arabic music.
My fondest OmniVista experience
My first photo session with a professional photographer in Dubai.

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