We’re Seasoned, Passionate and Creative

Our team is made up of bright individuals who are passionate learners with strong collaborative skills. For our more senior roles, employees must have strong investment business knowledge or more than ten years of in-depth, industry-specific technical skills. Candidates must establish that they have a proven record of excellence and clear values that resonate with our core values.

Our Ecosystem

We look for exceptional people because they deliver better results and enhance the everyday work experience. We measure performance based on an employee’s contribution towards our vision and strategic goals. The management team is responsible for setting appropriate objectives, while individuals are empowered to provide feedback. Everyone is expected to use their unique skills to help achieve the firm’s objectives.

We believe that autonomy invites creativity and creates a culture of independence and respect. Though autonomy must come with accountability. Accountability is about acting responsibly and communicating transparently so that others can rely on you.

We support individual development by taking on challenging work and surrounding ourselves with exceptional people. Our employees constantly seek to learn and stretch their perspective, whether it is through reading industry publications, participating in conferences, or engaging other professionals on a daily basis.

We boost our clients to get more sales

Our Leadership

Our leaders oversee the operations of the extended team.  They are collaborative and drive our success.

Abdo Hachem

Team Lead

Andrew Adams

Team Lead

Brian Nadermann

Executive Director

Clint Krapfl

Team Lead

Jennifer Barnes


Megan Geick

Executive Director

Nael Farsakh


Riwa Mouawi

Senior Manager

Roua Achi

Team Lead

Salma Malas

Team Lead

Sawsan Raslan

HR Lead

Stephanie Chuah

Senior Manager

Tyler Weltz

Senior Manager

Wiaam Al Baladi

Team Lead

Zaid Koutrach

Team Lead


Client Referrals

Majority of our clients will recommend us to new clients.


Client Delivery

Our number one focus is on client project delivery.



Managed hundreds of projects since inception