OmniVista is a complete strategic IT and operations solutions consultancy for financial services firms. We specialize in IT management consulting, providing in-depth, insightful analysis and actionable recommendations to CIOs and CTOs of financial services firms.

When it comes to solving organizational problems through adapting existing technologies or developing new ones, we believe that firms typically go through four distinct stages:

  • Management Consulting

Phases 1 & 2

Stage 1 (Strategy Phase)
In this phase, a firm sets strategic goals based on what it wants to be.

Stage 2 (Planning Phase)
In this phase, a firm builds a plan of action to deliver the strategy defined in Stage 1.

  • Implementation Services

Phase 3

Stage 3 (Implementation Phase)
In this phase, a firm starts to implement the plan designed in Stage 2.

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  • Application Management

Phase 4

Stage 4 (Maintenance and Support Phase)
In this phase, a firm maintains and supports its newly implemented strategy based on Stage 3 to ensure its continued success.
A firm will need to renew, adjust and, sometimes, redefine its strategy. At that point, the cycle restarts again with Stage 1.

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