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Application Management

Our application management offering (APO) is a unique blend of development, management and support services. In addition to providing core on-site services, we apply our considerable knowledge and resources through our APO to provide off-site support and development services.

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We build upon our investment applications-specific knowledge and our development experience to provide a service that is client-centric, secure and competitively priced.

Multiple level support based on business and functional need
Level 3 support to investment operations and applications

Business days or calendar days support
Dedicated senior staff available at odd hours throughout the day

Batch jobs documentation, analysis, and optimization
Batch jobs monitoring and support

Investment platforms live monitoring and support
Issue tracking and resolution

External vendor feed development and support
Feed validation and monitoring

Internal and external data reconciliation and validation
Reconciled data tracking and archiving

Our Consultant Experts

We learn from the industry, our clients, and our team

Proven Methods

When it comes to solving organizational problems through adapting existing technologies or developing new ones, we believe that firms typically go through four distinct stages (Strategic Analysis, Plan Design, Implementation, and Maintenance). In Application Management we focus on Stage 4.

Stage 4: Maintenance

We go beyond monitoring and reporting issues. We also conduct research to analyze the issue and resolve them, leveraging our resources, skills, and experience used Stages 1, 2, and 3. Clients rely on our prudence, adaptability, and attentiveness, making us the ideal partner.


Client Referrals

Majority of our clients will recommend us to new clients.


Client Delivery

Our number one focus is on client project delivery.



Managed hundreds of projects since inception

“Our well-trained, knowledeable staff based out of Iowa provides 24/7 client support. OmniVista’s US and UAE based support team works with our US based consulting team to leverage the appropriate resources at the right time. By doing this, OmniVista is able to provide exceptional service and achieve lower costs for our clients. ”

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